Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tips for Buying Used Clark Forklifts

Although forklifts may be associated primarily with large warehouse operations, they can also be used in typical work setting that include grocery stores, food processing plants, and retail stores. Anywhere where there may be a warehouse that has bulky or heavy items that need to be moved from one point to another is a good candidate for a forklift. Clark is one of the world’s leading brands of forklift manufacturers, with over 350,000 units currently in operation. To find used Clark forklifts for sale, there are a number of different outlets that you could look at.

Clark ESX 25 Forklift

However, before you begin the process of looking at all the various used Clark forklifts for sale, it’s also a good idea to first start thinking about what exactly you are going to be using your lift truck for. If you only need it for a short term purpose, or don’t think that you will be using it on a daily basis, you may be able to get away with a more heavily used model.

However, if you think that you will be using this on a daily basis as part of a larger fleet of forklifts, then the newer models could be worth paying more money for.

Those newer models of used Clark forklifts for sale generally are the product of expired leases on these forklifts. Many businesses choose to only rent them rather than purchase them, because they may only need them for one specific move or contracting project. In those cases, it makes no sense to make a full purchase of a sometimes costly yet eternally useful item. You could expect to pay anywhere from 10-15% more for a gently used item that has been leased out before as opposed to one being sold by the owner.

Clark Forklift Tires

Another factor to pay attention to when looking at the different used Clark forklifts for sale is their safety levels and current state of repair. It’s highly recommended to have an expert take a look at the forklift before you agree to purchase anything, because they may be able to notice items about it that you aren’t able to.

Pay special attention to the mast and its current state of mobility, as well as to the brakes. Most forklift accidents are caused by braking problems, so this is something that is extremely important to test before purchasing anything used.

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