Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clark Forklift Service

Those that are in the market for either a regular tune-up on their Clark forklifts or who believe that there is something malfunctioning with their equipment will need to find a Clark forklift service center. These are located around the world, fortunately, and offer a full range of proper services for the forklift owner. If you are in need of a certain part, you should be able to find it here, because the centers are fully stocked with all of the major parts that make up the forklift components, all of which are made by Clark.

Clark C15 Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

In the event that a special part is missing or there are more complicated needs, the Clark forklift service technicians have access to a full network of their online catalog, which stocks hundreds of thousands of specialty parts. While not all of these are manufactured directly by the Clark brand, they are made specifically to be compatible with this type of forklift. When you are ordering anything of this specialty nature, it’s a good idea to take into account the other repair services that will also be needed and see if this type of treatment is covered under your service repair plan.

When buying a used Clark forklift, you may not be offered a warranty or service repair plan by the vendor. This is true in the case of those who make their purchases from former owners of the forklifts that are not affiliated with Clark.

However, when you make your purchase from a Clark forklift service center or a dealer that is associated with this brand, you will have a far better chance of being able to match the part with the service agreement that you have signed on-board with.

Clark CGC70 7-Tons Forklift

Service plans can be touch and go for some companies, but because Clark puts such a high emphasis on being there for their customers, they always try to have someone on hand to help with any specialty needs that you may be exhibiting. Those could include anything from needing the repair of one part, to a full system overhaul. Dealers that are associated with the Clark forklift service plan are also on hand to help you resell your equipment.

Clark C25C Internal Forklift

The first step towards meeting all of your repair and service needs is to find the nearest dealer to you. There is a search guide on the Clark website that can help you with any specific requests.

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